*Using with bundled USB cable.

*Using to be connected with Cigar-charger socket.

*Using for Drive-recording to be set to just camera.

*Using at flat-place to be set to just camera.

Attaching with Tripod Screw(Tripod-pod) of Action DV
It can be attached directly with most of Mask and hose of Regulator to be installed to our eDivecam or GoPro HERO3.

Compact design for compact Action DV Cam!!
Shoe-mount for Mini-DV is built-in. With Shoe-arm you can install lights and others simply and compact. Most of Mini-DV housing can be attached.
*To attached, it would need to prepare Tripod-adapter for GoPro.

This filter is pretty easy to attach to a lens and it makes normal color under water!
You can choose GR type(for green algae fresh/salt water) or CY type(tropical blue-green water) by situation of the sea.