Features & Function










Housing is also grasped and photographed.
It can be record full high-definition movies in underwater.

"EHS-1400/1400β" digital housing is new concept housing made to reproduce underwater faithfully, without leaving the performance. It is the covetous housing which can be used also as digital movie housing only as digital camera housing.




Extension accessory lens mount

The accessories lens mount which can attach various accessories lenses in front of a housing is equipped. Direct wearing to lens mount is possible in the effective color correction UR-PRO filter at the macro lens "DML-2" , and wide photography including the digital wide lens "DCL-20" which create dinamic underwater images. It is the combined use with accessories and an underwater digital world spreads further.
*lens mount size is 55mm





Clog adapter

Clog adapter which can attach the "clog shoe" which mounts igital strobe and digital light in the housing upper part is equipped standardly. Even if it does not use an arm, an arrangement is compactly possible to housing.



Fiber-connector system

Positive luminescence is possible for in the case of use of a strobe to the fiber-connector socket of a housing main part using an optional fiber-connector cable.
Fiber-connector EH(L) for EHS-1
400/1400β" which can be arranged to housing is preparation easily to "ES" strobe series.