It can use only attached in front of the wide conversion lens "DCL-20".


ESA stay & arm series are for digital underwater photography, to set up accessories which is strobe, light, lens and so on.
mod. ES-230 DS Auto strobe can flash on slave-sensor by catching the digital camera generated flash. It also can be connected directly with synchro connector of digital camera housing by synchro cord.
When the time of the setup to EHS-1400 of housing
, use it in combination with the fiber-connector EHS.


It is the wide conversion lens which can be attached directly to lens mount of the front of "EHS-400X/500X/510H/1400" housing. Wide photography equivalent to about 20mm with a digital camera 35mm lens is possible at one 0.56 times the magnification of this.
*It adapts "DCL20-55DR" wide lens of 55mm diameter different from the EHS-1000HD housing.





It is the macro lens which can be attached direct to accessories lens mount of the front of "EHS-400X
/500X/510H/1400 " housing. With the lens composition of four groups four elements, the macro photography by one about 2.1 times the high magnification of this is possible. Double piled macro lens can be used. (In case you use two lens in piles, you need to use two #DML2-67DR.)
*It adapts "DML2-55DRF" macro lens of 55mm diameter different from the EHS-1000 HD housing.




UR-PRO filter is a color correction filter only for underwater which acquired the patent as an underwater color compensation filter for the first time in the world. Compensation expression of the figure of all the living things of an underwater fish, coral, and others is carried out at a more natural color. Use CY filter for a tropical area / blue sea water belt, and use GR filter for a temperate area / green sea water belt.