A Simple shooting
The ERX-C1010/C1010-X2/C1010-X3/C1010-X4/C1010-X50 is designed for easy oparation with cameras. The housing makes it easy to take high quality pictures and videos, using the built in strobe, or with external strobes connected by optional fiber-optic cords.

This housing will operate most of the camera functions. The housing is designed to obtain the best performance from the cameras, and will produce top quality underwater images with the built-in strobe or external strobes.
Housing Accessories
For enjoying with the wonderful underwater world variety port,gear, and many accessories are prepared.
A simple lock system makes it easy to open and close the housing without difficulty. When closing the housing, push the rear door until the lock is engaged. When opening the housing, squeeze the safety lock buttons with two fingers and pull upward on the latch.